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15 Minutes with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon single player

If you know me then you know that I buy tons of games and don't really play or even start them. After reading so many reviews and having fond memories of the first Luigi's Mansion I figured I would give the brand new LM:DM a try. So Saturday at midnight I fired up my 3DS and purchased LM:DM straight from the eShop. I set it to download later and crashed for the night. I didn't get around to play it until this morning on the bus, but here is my 15 minutes with LM:DM so far.

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Presentation: This is a beautiful looking game. It might just be one of the best 3DS games to date as far as 3D platformers go. Yes Fire Emblem was beautiful, but there is something about the charm of Luigi on the screen humming to the soundtrack that was pretty great.

Controls: Really spot on, everything felt great moving around and controlling Luigi and his arsenal of ghost removing equipment. There are some spots where you have to use the gyro of the 3DS and that is weird... especially seeing I was on a bus....


3D: Even while riding on the bus I kept the 3D on. It looked and felt great.

Thus far I am impressed and can't wait to dive in more.

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